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KRERUM , the word coined from the depth of the hearts of the people who always wanted to visualise the world beyond its usual attire.The word itself is a journey; an amalgamation of two words Kriya(Sanskrit) and Rerum(Latin) .And in the heart of it is Creativity. 'Kriyā' is a Sanskrit term, derived from the Sanskrit root, kri, meaning "to do".Kriyā means "action , deed, effort".

The word karma is also derived from the Sanskrit , meaning "to do, make, perform, accomplish, cause, effect, prepare, undertake".Karma is related to verbal proto - Indo - European root * kwer - "to make, form" .The root क्रि(kri) is very common in ancient Sanskrit literature, and it is relied upon to explain ideas in Rigveda, other Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, the Epics of Hinduism.The root "kri" also appears in the word Sanskrit, to imply a language that is "well made" .(Wikipedia). 'Rerum' is a Latin word for Creativity.

KRERUM works in the direction of bringing the world articles which are desired by all but not available easily.The logo of KRERUM is combination of basic colours of new world technology.The Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key.Every artist knows they are the key ingredients of every combination of art that is available today.Hence is the work of KRERUM.


KRERUM goes to the basic; the roots and brings back most creative articles working with the artisans. KRERUM is a connecting dot between what 's pure , hand made , raised from the basics with creativity as the key concept and today' s most advanced technology driven trading experience.KRERUM in long term aims to achieve bigger heights by delivering a truly transparent, value for money system where both the providers and buyers achieve the best and nothing else .Driven with innovation and passion for creation of new value system which doesn 't really disrupt the current flood of information technology but rises over it by synergising the forces to give the consumer at both ends the upper hand. Look for our products, they are going to be innovative, they are going to be rare, they are going to be simple yet enchanting every time you look at them. KRERUM Products owned by you will be your priced possession. And you will want to flaunt them.

KRERUM assures you of experience that will take you to your roots, remind you of your most precious memories, and if gifted to your loved ones, we assure you " lacrimae Rerum", which translates to "tears of things", but here it will be tears of Joy.Come and be part of this epic journey.And truth to be told, the makers of KRERUM are bunch of people who are young but matured , and most importantly Creative at Heart.

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