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  1. When is your website coming up?
  • We are going live from 1st December.
  1. Why should we register with KRERUM? Benefit to register with KRERUM?
  • KRERUM will help you in the following ways:
  1. Where do you market out product?
  • KRERUM will market your product with your name by the following means:
  1. at our market place (
    • KRERUM provides an additional channel to market and sell your products.
    • KRERUM market the artists name with their products.
    • KRERUM’s platform offers reduced marketing costs compared to other sales channels
    • KRERUM facilitate financial support/loans through our channel partners (bank) to artists who wish to take their business to next level.
    • KRERUM provide 24x7 technical support to our associates.
    • KRERUM provide greater transparency – availability and prices are accessible in an open environment
    • KRERUM will help you expand your reach and Customer database.
  2. On our Facebook account / shop
  3. On our Instagram account
  4. Twitter
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Google Plus
  7. YouTube
  • Yes. KRERUM will register all the Vendors.
  1. What will happen if KRERUM got 2 Vendors for the same Product?
  • Both Product will have different SKU(stock keeping units ), and price of the product will depend on the respective Vendors.
  1. How many products can we sell though KRERUM?
  • You can sell in multiple categories and as many products you have in them.
    1. Is KRERUM going to register competitive vendors too?

Product Photography and Description:

  1. Product Photoshoot will be done by?
  • Vendor
  1. What if Vendor doesn’t know how to do a product photoshoot?
  • KRERUM will try to provide a photographer to the Vendor, but it’s not recommended as Vendor could be anywhere in India.
  1. Product Photos should be of what resolution?
  • 1000*750 pixels
  1. How Vendor should give product description to KRERUM?
  • KRERUM will provide Vendors with a demo excel where all the product details has to be filled.
  1. Product photoshoot details?
  • Below are the details for photoshoot
    • Please use a good resolution camera for the photoshoot.
    • Product Image should be in a white background, if product is not visible in White background you can change the background to Black, depending on the product.
    • Minimum 3 Images per product should be there with all views. I.e. front view, side view, back view or top view, depending on the product.
    • Product Image should have good quality, as we are giving the zoom feature in our website.
    • If you have Problems while sending big Image files, please compress your image with then send it.

Registration and Commission:

  1. What KRERUM is going to charge for registration?
  • No registration charge for 3 months and after 3 months we will depend on the vendor’s performance.
  1. What is the product commission of KRERUM?
  • KRERUM takes 12% sales commission and 3% marketing fee from product price for per product sold.

Product Pricing:

  1. The prices send by Vendor will directly reflect on the website?
  • No as the Krerum MRP will incluide mark up price of commision and marketig fees.
  1. When KRERUM is going to take product cut?
  • When a customer does an online transaction, the money is transferred to KRERUM’s account. From that KRERUM will take KRERUM’s product commission i.e. 15%. And the remaining amount is transferred to the Vendor’s Account.
  1. Vendor should up-mark the product price while sending the product price to KRERUM?
  • It depends on the Vendor. KRERUM will not up-mark the product price given by the Vendors. The product price given by the Vendors will be reflected on the Website, from that KRERUM will take its product cut.


  1. Who will be liable for GST?
  • KRERUM will not be liable for any Taxes. If the Vendor falls under GST, then Vendor will be liable for the Taxes.
  1. What if Vendor does not fall under GST?
  • Then he will not be liable to pay GST, as described in GST rules and regulation.
  1. GST registration is necessary?
  • It is a must if you fall under GST registration. But KRERUM recommend to have GST registration.


  1. Who will do the packaging?
  • Packaging will be done by Vendor. KRERUM will provide some packaging instruction with a packaging kit to the Vendor after registration.
  1. Packaging charges will be given by?
  • Packaging charges will be given by Vendor.

Logistics & Delivery:

  1. Logistic charges will be given by?
  • Customers.
  1. Logistic charges will be included in the product price?
  • No. Product delivery charges will be extra, which will be charged to the customers separately.Who will be responsible if the Customer gets a broken product?

                     Vendor will be responsible. As the packaging is done by Vendor, they had to make sure that product packaging is