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Aadiva Soap Combo For Men
By Health Notes


Combo of Handmade Soaps for Men.

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This combination of exotic and herbal soap from Aadiva, you would not like to miss out. Aadiva’s Musk bathing bar is invigorating with a deep rooted oriental aroma. This luscious bathing bar will seduce your senses and impart a positive energy, perfect for morning shower. Earthy Musk soap provides natural antioxidants that strengthen and tone tissues while balancing and detoxifying skin. The unique soap soothes the nerves and calms the mind. Great start for a perfect evening. The Arabic Oudh soap was essentially reserved for the ruling families of Middle East. Oudh (Agarwood) is an extremely rare and precious wood from Asia. The luxurious soap has a lovable essence and has an amazing oriental fragrance. The soap imparts total skin care and the aroma is an ideal beginning for the day. Neem Tulsi bathing bar combines excellent toning, soothing and skin wellness properties of Neem, with rejuvenating and cleansing properties of Tulsi. Aadiva Neem Tulsi is our ultimate complexion care bar that will captivate your senses. Neem and Tulsi are recommended in Ayurveda for complete skin care and this soap is well suited for all skin types. Aadivas Almond Milk & saffron is a truly royal soap bar. Based on an ancient recipe this bar is enriched with Kashmir Saffron which moisturizes and nourishes delicate skin. Saffron is therapeutic and this special bar is a delight for the entire family. Aadiva’s Coconut Milk & Honey bathing bar is an excellent emollient and cleanser. Formulated to protect and nourish delicate skin, this soap is made with the purest of natural ingredients including moisturizing Jojoba oil and Honey. The gentle aroma of fresh coconut and wellness qualities of Honey makes this soap a very special choice for an active family!Earthy Musk, Arabic Oudh, Neem Tulsi, Almond Milk & Saffron and Coconut Milk & Honey Soap Combo.

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Health Notes