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Handcrafted Shibori Clutch
By Clean Planet !


Impeccably handcrafted clutch crafted from hand made Shibori dyeing.Embellished with vintage gold hand embroidery . A stunning , smartClutch that will add a touch of Eco luxury to your ensemble. Look effortlessly chic while being an Eco-conscious fashionista

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Material : Shibori dyed Cotton fabric with special weave , cotton lining, genuine metal trims .Care : Dry Clean Size : L18.5cm X W23.7cm

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Clean Planet !
"We are a group of designers, marketers, and all-round good people who are committed to creating products that are both stylish and eco-friendly. From a line of cloth totes to an upcoming range of cloth handkerchiefs as an alternative to tree-unfriendly paper tissues, we are always innovating on how we can use fashion to do good. When the idea for Clean Planet first struck, we were not entirely sure what the response would be. After all, we were creators of high-end fashion garments. Would we be able to combine our sense of style with eco-consciousness? Would we be able to connect with socially aware consumers? Today, months later, we have discovered that when a lot is done with sincerity, passion, and joy, it shows. Creating Clean Planet has been a labor of love. On a typical day, we can be seen hand picking fabrics, analyzing design options, and researching raw material. We inspect our prototypes inside out-every seam, every thread-to arrive at products that are stylish, classic, and environmentally friendly, all at once. We don't believe in mass producing generic products or creating unaffordable luxury items. We excel at creating high-quality products with a soul. At Clean Planet, we have a simple maxim - No one can do everything, but everyone can do a LOT!. With our products, we hope we have made it easy and fun for our consumers to do their a lot."